In essence, I approach my video projects much like short films. My mindset when shooting these mini-movies is that of a storyteller, poet, and lyricist. Each second of the story is essential to the whole piece. Every frame should follow a particular rhythm. Your emotions should move along with the narrative in eager anticipation of the next scene. If this is how you envisioned your wedding to be filmed, I’d love to talk to you. Make sure to check out the FAQ section for more info or contact me using the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let me get what you’re saying. You offer both wedding photography & videography?

Yes, but my approach is not that of a one-stop shop. When you commission me as your wedding photographer, you have the option to augment your service with supporting video coverage. Your coverage goes into hybrid mode of photo & video that blend together instead of working separately from each other.

How much should I expect to invest when I add video coverage to my photography package?

My video add-ons start at just $350. It’s a great way to take your coverage to the next level. Make sure to contact me and get all the details.

I already have a photographer for my wedding, but I love your short wedding films and video Save-the-Date’s. Can I still hire you for just the video part?

Definitely. If you already have a photographer to document your day, but still feel like you need your story interpreted through an artistically produced short film, I’m game. We can also hook up for a short engagement session to create your very own video Save-the-Date.

Inquire About Videos

Please contact me.